Police Chase Chesterfield Walmart Thief Into Illinois

An individual suspected of stealing a TV fled from various law enforcement agencies on Highway 40 yesterday, eventually crossing into Illinois.

A man who stole a TV from the Walmart in Chesterfield fled with police in pursuit all the way into Illinois yesterday. 

Chesterfield Police Capt. Steven Lewis said they received a call about the theft from the store in Chesterfield Valley and were able to locate the suspect's vehicle. However, once officers pulled up behind and switched on their lights, the suspect refused to stop. 

Although Lewis didn't characterize the chase as "high speed," the suspect travelled onto Highway 40 heading east and eventually left the Chesterfield city limits. At that point, Chesterfield Police units stopped the pursuit and it was continued by other law enforcement agencies. 

Town and County police tell Patch, at that point, as the Missouri State Highway Patrol pursued the vehicle through Town and Country one Town and Country officer joined to assist highway patrol.

The officer stayed with the trooper to the Illinois state line since no other agencies were in the area to assist the trooper in the event the pursuit terminated," Town and Country police stated to Patch. "Our officer ended his involvement at the Illinois state line."

KMOV reported that the suspect was driving a gray Chevy Impala with Illinois plates. The chase eventually into downtown St. Louis, where the suspect crossed into Illinois. 

It was not immediately known if the suspect had been arrested. 

Lewis said most police departments, including Chesterfield, have policies that outline how officers should act during pursuits. For more minor crimes such as theft, officers are not supposed to keep up the chase once it leaves their jurisdiction.

"It's based on the crime," he said. "We have a very strict pursuit policy. It dictates where officers can go and they can go." 

If the individual was wanted for murder, however, Lewis said they would follow the suspect nearly anywhere. 

Check back with Chesterfield Patch for more updates as they become available. 


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