Walmart TV Thief Also Busted for Drug Paraphernalia

The 42-year-old male suspect tried to wheel the TV out in a cart without stopping to pay for it.

A man arrested for trying to push a cart with a TV out of the Chesterfield Walmart is also facing drug-related charges. 

Police say the 42-year-old male attempted the theft Jan. 4 when he tried to leave the story without paying for the TV. After subsequently being arrested and searched, police discovered he was also in possession of what was described as a "marijuana pipe."

Officer Mike Ryffel said in the majority of shoplifting cases, people try to conceal the items they are attempting to steal. However, with larger items such as TVs, the strategy is often to hope that you will fool the store's greeters and/or security into thinking it's been purchased. 

The investigation is being handled by the Chesterfield Police Department, who did not indicate that there the suspect was actually in possession of any drugs. 

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