Chesterfield Approves $361,000 in Improvements for City Parks

The expenditures encompass six projects at three facilities and include new signage, bleacher covers and a VIP deck at the amphitheater.

Parks in the city of Chesterfield are set to receive a raft of improvements this spring after the city council approved approximately $361,000 in upgrades last week.

The funds will pay for a list of projects at the Chesterfield Valley Athletic Complex, Chesterfield Central Park and the city’s amphitheater:

  • Artistic signage at the two main entrances to the amphitheater ($30,000)
  • Construction of a VIP deck at the amphitheater ($35,000)
  • A new bridge over the pond at Central Park ($75,000)
  • Signage at the five entry locations to the CVAC ($13,000)
  • Softscape enhancements, such as raised flower beds and increased plantings, at the amphitheater ($54,000)
  • Bleachers over the stands at the F Quad in the CVAC ($154,000)

Parks Director Tom McCarthy said he was happy to receive the “thumbs up” from the city council to get started.

“It’s great. These are things that we have wanted to do for a long time,” he said.

One of the larger expenditures, the $75,000 bridge is an item that McCarthy is particularly glad to see approved. It will be constructed over the spillway at the northern edge of the park, completing a loop around the pond, and likely be finished in the fall.

“You wouldn’t believe how many calls I get from people saying, ‘Have they ever thought about putting in another bridge?’” he said.

The money would be drawn from the parks department reserve fund, which was projected to have a balance of around $2.4 million at the end of 2012. Prior to the approving the expenditures at the Feb. 20 meeting, councilman Matt Segel noted that this was in accordance a long-standing policy of the city to use reserve funds for such capital expenses.

Amping Up the Amphitheater

The signs at the amphitheater will “incorporate the roof lines” of the facility and contain the parks department logo and is aimed at increasing the visibility of the facility from the road, McCarthy said.

The VIP deck will be installed just west of the concession stand and is being added with several goals in mind. McCarthy said it will add more seating while giving the city or event organizers the flexibility to offer VIP passes to sponsors or other guests.

Both these projects are expected to be completed by May 11, in time for the amphitheater’s first event of the year. McCarthy said some of the softscape beautifications will get down in the spring, while others may wait until the fall, and are designed to add some “wow factor” to the facility.

The enhancements at the amphitheater are part of a larger push by the city to promote the facility this year, including the first city-sponsored ticketed event. Check back with Chesterfield Patch next week for a further exploration of the city’s plan and why the move is drawing resistance from at least once council member.

Joe Deeney February 28, 2013 at 01:01 PM
I question paying for a VIP section whwn most of Chesterfield will never be invited to sit there
Mike Geisel February 28, 2013 at 01:56 PM
The deck is not intended to be used exclusively for any specific group and will be generally available and open to the public as is most of the seating at the Champ. As you know, the City sponsors a free concert series and free movies amongst many other free offerings. These offerings are available, in large part, to the benevolence of park sponsors, event sponsors, and corporate participation. Each year, donors offer considerable support to make parks programs available to the community. To the extent that the community support is willing to donate significant funding to make these free offerings available, reserving them a seat at a performance is certainly not too much to ask.
Liz Fels February 28, 2013 at 04:31 PM
It will be great to be be able to make a loop around the lake with the new bridge! I really enjoy walking the trails in Central Park :)


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