Chesterfield Council Approves New RV Parking Rules

RVs can now only be parked in residential areas twice a month for no more than three days at a time.

Recreational vehicles—barring some exceptions—are no longer allowed in Chesterfield neighborhoods.

The city council approved an ordinance Monday night that prohibits permanent parking of RVs on any residential lot or within 500 feet of any residential lot. To allow for visitors or loading and unloading, RVs can be parked on a paved surface on residential property twice a month for three days at a time. They can also be parked on the street twice a month for one day at a time.

Council members have discussed the ordinance in planning and public works committee meetings since September, when Fariba Zabetian presented to the committee a petition from residents asking that parking oversized vehicles be banned in neighborhoods. Zabetian said she was concerned that a parked RV in Ward Two lowered the sale price of homes in the area, according to minutes from the meeting.

“It’s in the mission of the City of Chesterfield that one of our duties is to protect property values, and that’s what this RV ordinance does,” Ward One Councilman Matt Segal said Monday night.

The ordinance went through several drafts before it went to council. In January, the committee heard a version that would have allowed RVs to be parked for only two days in a driveway. The decision to change it to three days was made after acting mayor Barry Flachsbart and Ward Four Councilman Bob Nation called for an extension to allow for weekend visitors.

Aside from RVs, the ordinance applies to boats, motor homes, jet skis and travel trailers. Lots larger than two acres are exempt from the ordinance; the exemption was added so that horse trailers and other similar equipment could still be parked on larger residential lots, particularly in Ward Four.

At the planning and public works Jan. 6 meeting, Ward Four Councilwoman Connie Fults said she’s heard of cases where an RV was parked on a private road behind a home, but neighbors behind the home still had to look out on it. The decision is about balancing rights: restricting RV parking may step on RV owners’ toes, but their neighbors have rights too, she said.

“Who shouts the loudest is not the issue,” she said.

Segal echoed those thoughts Monday night, saying as a boat owner he always viewed storage of the boat as part of the cost of owning it.

“While there might be an upset RV owner, if you take into account the four or five residents that look at the RV, those people will be happy,” he said.

The ordinance passed 5-2. Third Ward Councilman Randy Logan was absent. Both Nation and Flachsbart voted against the ordinance after expressing concerns that the ordinance felt too much like “big government.”

“I believe it violates the principle that better government is less government,” Flachsbart said.

City council also voted unanimously Monday night to:

  • Install a stop sign at RHL Drive and Commons Frontage Road in the Chesterfield Commons development. Plans call for an in Chesterfield Commons West in the fall. 
  • Continue to allow signs advertising open houses from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturdays. The ordinance in place only allows for directional signs from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Tuesday and from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sundays. Council had previously approved a request from the Home Builders Association to allow the signs on Saturdays and extended that approval for another year.
Joseph Gambino February 09, 2011 at 08:44 PM
FEB 7, 2011 CHESTERFIELD PASSED A NEW LAW Who wants more government? The bill 2821 was introduced to cover “Parking of Recreational vehicles in residential areas”. The first (green sheet) was read Jan. 19th. After the reading I spoke with Matt Segal & Randy Logan, opposing such action, we already have laws in place. Why penalize the taxpayer with cost the way it is today. Now they have to pay a monthly storage fee or sell their personal assists. Even Bruce Gieger approved passage and he is running for Mayor. Bob Nations and I tried to influence them this was more government control the public does not want today. As a candidate for Mayor, I Joseph Gambino want less government when laws already exist. In reading Chesterfield Patch.com article there were details not disclosed at the public hearing of Chesterfield City Hall Council meeting, why is that? We the taxpayer just lost some of our privileges. Joseph Gambino Candidate for Mayor of Chesterfield
John Doe February 15, 2011 at 11:01 PM
So you're saying you like to see 38 foot RVs parked next to your home? I don't know single person who would like to see a RV of that size next to their home when they paid $300,000 or $400,000 to live there. Bruce Gieger is an outstanding citizen of Chesterfield, he has my vote as well as my subdivisions for mayor.
R Peterson February 15, 2011 at 11:32 PM
I am a us navy vet and have lived and paid taxes in chesterfield over 25 years. Big goverment should not be allowed to interfer with our way of life and tell us what we can or can not do on our own proberty as long as it dose not endanger others and complies with subdivision rules. This rulling will decrese my property value. I added a concret driveway and pad per the city's code some year back ($15.000) .This replace a existion gravel drive that was there when I purched the house. This improvement incressed my property value and taxes. Now they want to make it against city rules and of no value. This is a bad rule at a mimum and should at least allowing grandfathering of existing property owners so they will not lose property value
John Doe February 16, 2011 at 12:42 AM
You are not the only one who pay taxes, everybody does and parking RV and boats and trailers decrese everybody's property value in the subdivision and the city, as neighbore we should care about each other.


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