Council Roundup: Senior-Living Facility Plans To Be Reviewed

City council voted Monday to bring a Planning Commission-approved permit to the council for review.

A plan for a senior-living facility in Chesterfield will go up before the Planning and Public Works Committee for review.

Chesterfield City Council members voted Monday night to bring the conditional use permit for the plan before the committee via their right of power of review.

The , which proposes an independent-living facility and an assisted living facility on eight acres of land near the  child care center and , at their May 9 meeting. The permit allows the land to be used for a nursing facility and includes a few specific requirements for the development that wouldn’t be included in zoning regulations.

For example, the permit caps the number of living units at 120, with no more than 33 in the independent-living facility. An approved amendment also caps the total square footage of the facility at 105,000 square feet.

Ward 4 Councilwoman and Planning and Public Works Committee Chairwoman Connie Fults requested the power of review. The senior-living facility would be in Ward 4, which Councilman Bob Nation also represents. Nation spoke against the conditional use permit at the planning commission’s meeting.

The power of review was unanimously approved. Ward 1 Councilman Matt Segal prefaced his yes vote, though, by saying he thought the plan was well thought out and had been thoroughly vetted through several proposals in recent months. 

“This is the final chance to get any questions answered,” Segal said. “I’m voting yes so everyone can have their day to say what they want to say, and we can move forward from there.”

The conditional use permit will be put on the Planning and Public Works Committee’s May 24 meeting, which will take place at 5:30 p.m. at Chesterfield City Hall. 

A request for a zoning change on the land for the senior-living facility was held. The land is currently zoned for neighborhood offices, such as medical offices. The land will need to be rezoned for residential use in order to build a senior-living facility on it.

In other council news:

  • The council presented with a proclamation declaring May 16, 2011 “Wings of Hope Day.” The Chesterfield-based nonprofit provides medical transportation, health care and relief services in remote areas in 45 countries. The organization has been .
  • Approved a new liquor license for . They are now able to sell all kinds of liquor and are approved for Sunday sales. Previously, they could only sell beer and wine.
  • Approved a rezoning request for five acres next to on the north side of Highway 40 between Chesterfield Parkway and Timberlake Manor Parkway. The change will allow for medical and dental offices on the site.
  • Approved a boundary adjustment in Greenleaf Estates neighborhood. The adjustment will allow the property owners to enlarge their garage in order to accommodate a handicapped accessible van.


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