Fortune 500 Company to Build Chesterfield HQ Campus

RGA eyeing corner across from City Hall, near Dierbergs HQ and Doubletree hotel.

A Fortune 500 company headquartered in Chesterfield would need a zoning fix from the city in order to build a new HQ campus next to City Hall and Dierbergs' existing headquarters, officials indicated Monday night.

Reinsurance Group of America The company does $8.8 billion in revenue a year, according to St. Louis Business Journal.

City officials, including the Planning Commision, are expected to consider a zoning amendment to a 40-year-old cap of 1 million square feet of building on 225 acres in Chesterfield Village—an area loosely bounded by the circle of Chesterfield Parkway.

The amendment would allow nearly 1.3 million square feet.

Officials said even with the ordinance change, RGA would still need to petition the city to build more square footage on its proposed parcel within the the 225 acres.

The RGA parcel is a corner lot across Swingly Ridge from , next door to and facing Chesterfield Parkway and the Highway 40/64 corridor.

Without the amendment, the square-footage cap allows RGA a 10-story building with a maximum of 650,000 square feet.

City officials said the zoning fix for the entire 225 acres would allow flexibility within each parcel for development, while still requiring applicants to adhere to city codes and ask for anything beyond the code maximum allowed.

 The company's services include life reinsurance, risk management, product development, facultative underwriting and capital-motivated reinsurance services.

Monsanto, also in Chesterfield and just blocks from the proposed new RGA site, ranked 224 in Fortune's top 500 companies recently up from 234 last year. They list $11.8 billion in annual revenue.


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