I-44 Improvements Top MoDOT's List for 2012

Missouri Department of Transportation managers released a list of major renovations and upgrades completed in 2012; several of the projects benefit Eureka and Wildwood residents.

Last year, Missouri Department of Transportation made some significant improvements to roadways in the western and southern regions of St. Louis County. Some of the projects improved what transportation professionals deem to be the busiest interstates in the greater St. Louis area.

“We’ve made some extensive improvements to our interstate system to help relieve some of the problem areas during our morning and evening commutes, which helps keep the roadways safer for residents and commuters traveling through the area," stated Michelle Voegele, MoDOT’s SouthWest St. Louis County area engineer, in the release.

Voegele said MoDOT teams will have more, big projects coming up this year, such as widening work on Missouri Route 109 north of Manchester and widening southbound I-270.

"We’ll be talking to residents and commuters throughout the area over the next few months to see what transportation improvements they feel are needed to keep them on the move,” she said.

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Projects spotlighted from last year include:

I-44 repairs: MoDOT made extensive pavement repairs on I-44 from Lewis Road to Williams Creek near Eureka.

I-44 and Route 141: The department extended the deceleration lane for drivers heading from eastbound I-44 to Route 141. This helps prevent backups onto the interstate and makes the roadway safer.

I-44 north outer road: MoDOT replaced a bridge over Williams Creek at Lone Elk Park. This bridge was one of the department’s 800 Safe and Sound bridges scheduled to be replaced or repaired before October 2014. In addition, the department resurfaced a section of the outer road from Route 141 to Lone Elk Park.

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I-270 widening: The department widened a stretch of northbound Interstate 270 between Interstate 44 and Manchester Road (Route 100). This project will help improve the flow of traffic between I-44 and I-64 during the morning commute.

I-270 at Olive Boulevard (Route 340): The department added a dual right turn lane from northbound I-270 to eastbound Olive Boulevard (Route 340). This helps move traffic through the interchange more efficiently and safely.

Route 141:
This year, MoDOT and St. Louis County completed projects that linked existing Route 141 and the Maryland Heights Expressway. When the roadway was completed and open to traffic, the department assumed maintenance responsibilities for the county’s Page-Olive Connector, the Maryland Heights Expressway and the Earth City Expressway to extend Route 141 from Jefferson County to Route 370 in North St. Louis County.

Route 340 (Clarkson Road) resurfacing:
MoDOT resurfaced a stretch of Route 340 (Clarkson) from Route 100 (Manchester) to Clayton

Route 267 (Lemay Ferry) sidewalk upgrades:
MoDOT removed and replaced sidewalks on Route 267 (Lemay Ferry) between Route 61/67 (Lindbergh) and Buckley. This project improved one and a half miles of sidewalk and updated them to meet current standards.

I-64 north outer road resurfacing:
The department resurfaced a stretch of the I-64 north outer road between Spirit Boulevard and the Ice Plex.


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