In Race Between Councilmen, Chesterfield Mayor Backs Segal

Chesterfield's current Mayor Bruce Geiger said he is backing Councilman Matt Segal in his race against fellow Councilman Bob Nation to take over the position after he steps down in the spring.

Chesterfield Mayor Bruce Geiger, who will be stepping down in April, has endorsed a fellow councilman who is running to take over the post. 

Geiger told Pactch he will be supporting Ward I councilman Matt Segal's bid to be the city's next mayor. Since Geiger's announcement that he would not seek re-election earlier this month, the race has become a contest between Segal and fellow councilman Bob Nation from Ward IV.

However, with the deadline to file set for Jan. 15, there's still time for other candidates to register for the April 2 election. As of Dec. 26, Chesterfield City Clerk Judy Naggier reported that there had been no additional fillings. 

Geiger previously served as councilman for nearly 10 years and was elected as mayor two years ago when former Mayor John Nations stepped down to become head of Metro. 

In a statement announcing his decision, Gegier said he had previously expected he would run for re-election but changed his mind after "much careful and agonizing thought." He said he has accomplished many of things he set out to do when he come into office. 


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