MoDOT Ready For Predicted Wintry Mix

MoDOT says all crews are on hand for the freezing rain and snow that may fall across the St. Louis area. How are the roads? Tell us what you think in the comments box at the bottom of this article.

The  tells Patch its crews have been pretreating roads in preparation for the wintry mix predicted to hit St. Louis and surrounding areas Wednesday.

"They are putting down salt as needed. We have been pre-treating so we were ready for the morning rush hour. Now our game plan is to be prepared for the evening rush hour in case it goes into that," MoDOT Spokesperson Kara Price tells Patch. "Our crews came in about four this morning to make sure we were on top of this storm."

According to the National Weather Servicelight snow, sleet and rain isforecasted for the area.

KMOV is reporting Wednesday's weather and freezing temperatures may cause a potentially dangerous situation and icy roads. What is starting as rain may turn to possible sleet and snow.

Price said MoDOT crews have pre-treated roads and bridges and now they are using salt brine where needed. 

"We have all 204 trucks out on the roads and we are monitoring the roads, making sure things are not slick or freezing," Price tells Patch. "This is a southwest storm coming through. Really, it's been a lot of rain on the roads, but we've seen pockets of sleet in areas south like Jefferson County."

Price said MoDOT is monitoring the weather forecast and has full crews consisting of 460 employees working.

"We're not expecting a lot of snow, it's mostly sleet, but that can still make it slick. Travelers can really help out by taking it slow," Price said. "There are some slick spots so motorists really need to check out our traveler information map."

That map with MoDOT's latest road conditions can be found at modot.mo.gov.

Check back to Patch throughout the day for any updates.

*How are the roads? Tell us what you think in the comments box at the bottom of this article. 

Danny Lloyd Danneman February 05, 2012 at 01:53 PM
It's truly a waste of time and expense if you pre-treat roads with any de-icing treatment when we're having temperatures in the 40's followed by rain. This simply causes all of the aforementioned treatment to be washed down storm drains which run into the nearest natural water creek which eventually ends up in the nearest natural river. This, in turn, contaminates these natural water flows; ergo, it may kill fish or cause the existing fish in these areas to become contaminiated. If MODOT would like to fix anything, they can start by having the State of Missouri stop the residents on Burgan's Grove Rd. in House Springs, Missouri from allowing their sanitary sewers from draining directly into Big River. After all, children swim and play in this River downstream from these drains.


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