Parkway Solar Panels Delayed Until September

Initially scheduled for installation in August, solar panels will begin being installed in the Parkway School District next month.

In May, the Parkway School Board voted unanimously to move forward with a plan to install 33 buildings with solar panels. The installation process is expected to take four to six months with being the first school to receive the panels.

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, from Brightergy Solar Solutions for $72,300 a year, over 20 years. The panels will generate energy for electricity, according to the district.

, but Cindy Bambini with Brightergy tells Patch the first school is now expected to begin installation of the panels Sept. 5. There is no specific reason for the delay, the whole schedule was simply pushed back two weeks, according to Bambini.

Overall the district is installing 3,267 solar panels that will be used to help generate power all 33 buildings. They're estimated to save as much energy as used by 1,243 light bulbs. 

The panels will save the district an estimated $14,194 the first year and has no up front installation cost,  previously told Patch. She said savings could reach more than $1.4 million over the life of the contract which runs until 2033.


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