Pay Traffic Fines Online Now In Chesterfield

No in-person requirement equals more revenue.

The City of Chesterfield has started taking online payment for traffic fines, warrants and other fees owed through the Municipal Court.

Previously, the city accepted payment by credit and debit cards at City Hall, in person.

But now the city has agreed to use trafficpayment.com and for an $8 fee on an average $100 ticket, offenders can take care of their problem.

In order to use it, the defendant must agree to either a guilty or no contest plea.

Trafficpayment.com is a service based in Plano, Texas and promises an immediate increase in revenue for the courts, because of the convenience it offers for defendants to pay up.

It costs the nothing for the city and courts, and there is no contract. The company does not link into the city computer system, and handles any issues with payment.

Offenses by those passing through Chesterfield would not necessarily have to return to pay their fines, and online is a 24/7 convenience, both in Spanish and English.

Other Missouri cities using the service include Columbia—which has used it for three years, and Creve Coeur began offering online payment this summer.

Pine Lawn, Weldon Springs, Fredericktown and others also use trafficpayment.com, according to Chesterfield finance officials, or call 1-800-444-1187.




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