Political Rewind: Akin, McCaskill, Sinquefield, Raven

On the senate race, political spending by a powerful Missouri contributor and climate change—our roundup of some of the Missouri political stories that hit the media this week.

Editor's Note: The following articles were aggregated from several news organizations in Missouri. You can read more about each story by clicking on the headline.

President Emeritus of Missouri Botanical Garden take out billboard to warn about climate change (St. Louis Beacon)

Dan Burkhardt said to Peter Raven, emeritus head of MoBOT, spent $2,500 for a billboard along Interstate 70 between Warrenton and Wright City, saying "Climate change is real. Vote for candidates who will work to find solutions."

Both men regularly champion environmental causes. Burkhardt created a land trust with his own farmland a few years ago and recently helped launch the nonprofit Magnificent Missouri, celebrating Missouri conservation efforts.

No mention of 'Legitimate Rape' in McCaskill-Akin debate (BuzzFeed)

At what might be the final Senate debate in Missouri before Election Day, Sen. Claire McCaskill had reason to be calm: She has been outspending Akin and out-polling him. This week, her campaign released an internal poll showing McCaskill leading Akin by 14 points. She did attack, a few times, primarily in appeals to female voters on issues such as pay equity and emergency contraception that could deepen their alienation from a Republican famous for the phrase 'legitimate rape.' But she didn't invoke that phrase.

DSCC poll: McCaskill up 12 in Missouri (Politico)

A new poll conducted for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee finds Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill with a solid double-digit lead over Todd Akin in Missouri's Senate race.

Akin's 3d quarter take: $1.6 million (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Todd Akin's money troubles showed up in black and white today in his quarterly financial report and an unusual fundraising letter questioning whether Republicans nationally want Claire McCaskill to win.

The Wildwood Republican's filing to the Federal Election Commission showed that he took in just under $1.6 million in contributions from July through September.

Missouri Political Donor Thrives With No Limits (New York Times)

Since 2008, when Missouri abolished contribution limits, Rex Sinquefield has donated more than $20 million to local candidates and political action committees, driving the political debate on issues like education, upending the political world here and making him perhaps the most influential private citizen in the state. More than half of that money has gone to advance his signature cause: eliminating state and local income taxes in Missouri, a major source of government revenue, and replacing them with sales taxes.

The Missourian October 20, 2012 at 04:02 PM
Suck it, hillbillies. McCaskill is winning this one.
Merlene Green October 23, 2012 at 05:06 AM
There is really no contest.. Akin is embarrassing to Missouri, with all those crazy stupid remarks he makes. My common sense and logic choice is Claire McCaskill.


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