Seven Minutes, Three Votes, then Meeting Adjourned

The Chesterfield City Council had what was likely its shortest meeting ever Monday night.

The Chesterfield City Council might have set a record at Monday night: Its meeting lasted less than seven minutes. 

At the city council's agenda review meeting, which precedes the council meeting, members joked about the short agenda, saying it was the lightest they had ever seen. When asked, City Administrator Michael Herring said the shortest meeting he could remember lasted 11 minutes. It seemed all but certain that this meeting would be shorter.

The meeting lasted 6 minutes, 57 seconds (according to Ward 3 Councilman Randy Logan's watch). Here's what members unanimously approved without much discussion:

  • The placement of five fire hydrants within The Reserve at Chesterfield Village, hydrants will be placed on Oak Stand Path, Oak Stand Court and Willow Weald Path.
  • Moved $120,000 out of one contract for street reconstruction to another, the council approved two street reconstruction contracts for $1 million earlier—one with L. Krupp Construction and one with Amcon Municipal Concrete. Director of Public Works Brian McGownd told the council at their agenda review meeting that Krupp Construction is currently understaffed, so the work isn't being done on pace. The council approved moving $120,000 from the contract with Krupp to the one with Amcon.
  • A liquor license for , which was formerly Longstreet Grill


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