Take a Walk Around Riparian Trail, Chesterfield's Amphitheater

Several big city projects are just about done at Chesterfield Central Park and the Chesterfield Valley Athletic Complex. Take a peek!

It's a big year for Chesterfield parks.

Several projects that have been in the works for years will be completed in the next few months. The city's dog park at Eberwein Park should open by the end of summer. Planned improvements, including new fields and concession stands, at the are being wrapped up as little leaguers start to hit the fields.

Down at , things are hopping, too. The first phase of the Riparian Trail, near , is weeks away from completion. Plus, in case you haven't heard, the amphitheater and the nearby path around the lake will be complete in time for a on May 21. 

It's more than enough to seem daunting, but Mike Geisel, the city's head of Planning, Parks and Public Works, is mostly taking it in stride.

"I used to fear the (grand opening) would be a flop," he said. "Now I'm concerned we'll have to turn people away."

Geisel enjoys showing off the nearly complete projects. He frequently stops to take photos along the Riparian Trail, documenting the progress. He said every now and then he'll notice a family peeking to get a glimpse of the amphitheater, so he'll head over to tell them more about the space.

"It's like playing Santa Claus," he said.


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