Pappas Wants to Diversify Chesterfield City Council With Win

Tania Pappas' slogan: "Vote for the woman on the ballot."

Tania Pappas is taking a second run at a Ward 2 seat on Chesterfield's City Council in the April 3 municipal election.

Polls are open 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Tuesday, at the usual sites.

Pappas said she won some 500 votes in last year's race against current Councilmember Derek Grier from Ward 2. This Tuesday she faces

Pappas explained that one of her key interests is providing "a voice for the families" of Chesterfield on the 8-member city council. 

"I feel it's a weakness if there's a disproportionate voice on the council—then that's not representing the quality of life in Chesterfield," she said. "I want to win. I would like to have this opportunity to be a voice for the people."

See a photo of the current city council accompanying this.

Pappas works "very part-time" in public relations for her husband with Hyde Park Atelier of the Arts & Sciences, a rehab project for the arts in St. Louis. They are parents of a 12-year-old son in Parkway District middle school.

However, Pappas, 44, just voted in her first city election last year even though she lived in the ward 10 years, according to county Election Commission records. She voted regularly in general elections.

Pappas was frank about her municipal voting record.

"I think you start voting in it, once you get interested, and start learning about things," she said.

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Pappas said that running in the council race was "strengthening" Chesterfield.

(Ward 3) and Connie Fults (Ward 4.)

"Having just one person to vote for, is not American. America is about choice," Pappas said.

Pappas seems to be running a modest campaign financially—using last year's yard signs and spending under $1,000, which frees up a candidate from report financials to the Missouri Ethics Commission. Her opponent has spent 3-4 times as much, records show.

However Pappas said she is door-knocking every house in the ward on the registered voters list.

"They like it when politicians come to the door," she said. "I tell them 'vote for the woman on the ballot because they work twice as hard, and usually for nothing.' "

Pappas would like to see live-streaming of city council meetings, much like Parkway School District does with its meetings. She indicated that residents would be more likely to watch meetings on a computer at home than attend meetings, and thus be more aware of city issues, and how tax dollars are spent.

Pappas said she would "keep and and encourage businesses that best support Chesterfield's integrity of excellence." 

Pappas said she is a member of the Chesterfield Historical and Landmark Preservation Committee; she serves as treasurer for Highcroft Estates where she lives; teaches Sunday school for children at St. Louis Family Church, in Chesterfield Valley and is on the board of Bee Sweet Orchard.


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