Chesterfield Elementary Students Are “Making Tails Wag” by Helping Animals in Need

A 2nd-grade class collecting more than 200 items to donate to Midwest Veterinary Referral Hospital as part of a service learning project.

The following information was provided by the Rockwood School District.

Through the service learning project, “Making Tails Wag”, students at Chesterfield Elementary School are showing their support for Midwest Veterinary Referral Hospital.  Second-grade Teacher Cara Van Camp said the project came about after her students learned that her own dog was receiving medical treatment at this hospital.  “While they were excited when my dog recovered from his illness, they were eager to do something to help other animals in need,” said Van Camp. 

The project started with Van Camp’s students bringing in used towels, blankets and pet beds.  From there, excitement for the project grew and her class began its efforts to get the whole school involved. 

Van Camp said each student contributed to the project.  “After students identified their strengths, they got to work doing things to move the project along,” said Van Camp.  “From applying their art skills to speaking skills, students created posters, wrote announcements and gave presentations to other classes and parents about the project.”  

As a result of the students’ hard work, Chesterfield has been able to collect nearly 200 items.  Students will give the donations to the hospital at the end of the month.  “I’m proud of my students.  They are becoming true leaders,” said Van Camp.  “They are engaged in making good choices and getting their work done well because they want to spend time working on this project to help animals in need.”


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