Florissant Police Take School Security Seriously After Connecticut Shooting

The department plans to meet with officials from public, private and parochial schools throughout the city Tuesday and Wednesday to discuss school security.

In the wake of the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, local police are on alert, adding new precautionary measures to their already-rigorous safety plans.

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The Florissant Police Department is taking procative measures when it comes to keeping local students safe. Police Chief William Karabas said Monday that the department plans to meet with local school officials to discuss school security.

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The meetings, which involve officials from both the Hazelwood and Ferguson-Florissant school districts, as well as those from private and parochial schools within the city limits, will take place Tuesday and Wednesday, Dec. 18 and 19.

“These meetings will educate the police department on the school’s plans for an intruder situation, and the police department will inform the school officials on the police department’s responses for such a situation,” Karabas said in a press release.

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A member of the Florissant Valley Fire Protection District will also be on hand during the meetings.

Police have also increased patrols at all of the schools within Florissant.

Chief Karabas said he believes that “the Florissant Police Department and the area schools are working together and communicating to provide the safest and healthiest learning environment possible for our children.”

“The members of the Florissant Police Department also wish to extend our heartfelt sympathy and prayers to the people of Newtown, CT,” Karabas added. “We salute the police officers, firefighters, and education officials who did an outstanding job in responding when they were needed the most.”

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Mark Behlmann December 18, 2012 at 03:10 PM
No disrespect, but Saint Ferdinand is no safer than any other school building. In fact, I find their facility most vulnerable. If an intruder desires to get in, it is easily accomplished. I have witnessed people exiting the front door and holding it open for an approaching adult. Easy access. By the way, I have two granddaughters that attend school there. No building is impenetrable from a mentally distressed person. There are additional precautions that should be planned and designed for but that takes money. ALL school building’s, were never designed for today’s perceived level of security and why is that? I believe it is due to the ever growing breakdown of the family unit. Parenting is the root of all of our problems.
Angela Atkinson December 18, 2012 at 09:03 PM
Kim, great advice, and thank you for sharing your experience!
Angela Atkinson December 18, 2012 at 09:04 PM
Mr. Trigg, I suspect that many parents feel the same way you do, in theory at least. But I have to agree with Mr. Behlmann--I'm not sure any of our schools are safe enough. In the case of the Connecticut shooter, he was the son of a teacher at the school. They probably had no reason to keep him out or to worry that he was there (at first.)
stacey December 19, 2012 at 02:32 AM
The Newtown shooter shot his way in to the school, there was actually a good, secure, system @ Sandy Hook. They had just installed a "buzzing" system like many schools around here. Unfortunatley, nothing can stop someone so evil, and so determined to do such a horrible crime. I do wonder if the classrooms were locked @ all, that wouldn't have stopped him, but maybe stalled some time. I have been at many elementary schools, private, and public over the last 10years in the area. Not one locked doors to their classrooms, and ALL had a buzzing system at their entrance. They need an emergency button, like an alarm system that some or all of the faculty can press to sound off an alarm and alert the police to get there ASAP. All of the above wouldn't be pricey at all. I can't even imagine what those parents are going through, breaks my heart. Definately starts @ home, and better parenting is a must as well as watching and ending bullying at school. Most likely the shooter had not a friend in the world and was bullyied throughout school, sad all around.
Angela Atkinson December 19, 2012 at 03:34 AM
I didn't realize that he shot his way in, Stacey! That is insane. I like your idea of an emergency button. I do know that local school kids are doing intruder drills (much like we did fire and tornado drills back in the day) and have been for awhile. I'm sure they also probably have other precautions in place and will be stepping it up even more now. I totally agree, it starts at home. I did hear that the shooter was homeschooled by his mother, who he killed, and that she told friends that he had Asperger's syndrome. Not sure if that's accurate, but if it is, there could be other issues at play. I heard today that the suspect's mother did not even work at the school, as was originally reported. Again, that may or may not be accurate. So many reports flying around right now.


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