New School Accreditation Program Pressures Districts such as Rockwood

Missouri school district leaders get a glimpse at how they might be rated under a new accreditation system, which rolls out this summer. Perfect scores will be harder to achieve.

Greater distinctions among school districts, especially prominent ones such as Rockwood School District, likely will result when a new rating system for Missouri’s school districts kicks in this summer. "MSIP 5" is the state’s school accountability system for reviewing and accrediting Missouri's public school districts.

MSIP began in 1990, and is entering its fifth version this year.

The new rating parameters just announced by Department of Elementary and Secondary Education officials are expected to increase pressure on low-performing school districts to improve, while also shining a more intense spotlight on those districts deemed "the best" in the past ratings.

Once the MSIP 5 plan is in place, districts with 70 percent and higher scores will be accredited. Those scoring under 50 percent will be unaccredited, and those falling in-between will have provisional accreditation.

Rockwood School District just earned 135.5 out of 140 points, which is 96.8 percent of the overall points. The district tied for fifth highest overall percentage out of 23 districts in St. Louis County. In addition, the district ranked in the top 7 percent of all K-12 districts statewide.

The Annual Performance Reports recently released are still working drafts, said Rockwood Superintendent Bruce Borchers. "Rockwood will continue to make data corrections and modify systems to reflect the new measures included in MSIP 5."

Borchers said Rockwood is on track to receive the highest level of “accreditation with distinction” from the state education agency.

Rockwood earned 100 percent of points in the following MSIP 5 Standards:

  • Academic Achievement
  • Attendance
  • Graduation Rate

Rockwood's designated areas for improvement included:

  • Subgroup Achievement: The level of academic achievement among students identified within five subgroups, as part of a super subgroup, including: African American, Hispanic, English Language Learners, students with disabilities and students from low-income families.
  • College/Career Readiness: The percent of graduates who scored at or above the state standard on any department approved measure.

“I’m proud of our students’ achievement and graduation rates as reflected in this report,” said Borchers. “However, it shows our need as a district to address important areas within the achievement gap. We are committed to raising the achievements levels of all students.”

Under the previous system, more than 80 percent of districts met at least 13 out of 14 standards for K-12 districts. But only 55 percent of Missouri’s students were considered proficient on state tests for reading and math last year.

Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education recent assessment of school districts under the new program, with their percent scores:


Affton - 96.8

Bayless - 89.3

Brentwood - 97.9

Clayton - 100

Ferguson-Florissant - 60.4

Hancock Place - 91.8

Hazelwood - 80

Jennings - 57.1

Kirkwood - 100

Ladue - 99.6

Lindbergh 100

Maplwood-Richmond Heights -81.8

Mehlville - 97.9

Normandy - 21.8

Parkway 98.2

Pattonville 87.5

Ritenour - 54.3

Riverview Gardens 27.1

Rockwood 96.8

Special School District 51.4

University City 68.9

Valley Park 95.7

Webster Groves 94.3


St. Louis Public Schools 22.5

Charters (must have three years of data prior to this year to be included)

City Garden Montessori 100

Confluence Academies 25.4

Construction Careers Center 31.4

KIPP St. Louis 72.9

Lift For Life Academy 55

St. Louis Charter School 80


Fort Zumwalt 95.4

Francis Howell 98.2

Orchard Farm 89.3

St. Charles 90

Wentzville 89.3

Franklin County

Franklin County 98.8

Meramec Valley 86.8

New Haven 89.3

St. Clair 92.1

Sullivan 86.8

Washington 95

Union 77.1


Crystal City 80.7

Desoto 78.9

Dunklin 87.9

Festus 92.9

Fox 95.4

Grandview 76.8

Hillsboro 94.6

Jefferson Co. R-VII 95

Northwest 93.2

Windsor 96.1

Lincoln County

Elsberry 82.5

Silex 96.1

Troy 82.1

Winfield 83.6

Warren County

Warren County 89.3

Wright City 91.8


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