Parkway Central Music Program Swings

Middle school bands' concert Tuesday packed; two more concerts May 8 and 10.

Tuesday's band concert brought sounds much richer than the storied Music Man band to parents and siblings' ears in

The five bands of some 90 sixth-grade beginners performed in combinations of all-brass, flutes and percussion, all-clarinets, all-saxophones, and altogether.

Paul Holzen and Jeff Pottinger share the duties of conducting, teaching, directing, auditioning, arranging and more.

"I love it," Holzen said afterward in the lobby, where familes ate Ted Drewes famous frozen custard. Holzen said he's in his 22nd year with Parkway. 

Holzen and his young muscians just came off a big win—being the only Parkway Middle School band ever to perform at the State Music Teaches Conference, in Lake of the Ozarks. They played marches and other typical band tunes, Holzen said.

Holzen also plays lead guitar in a group, Sidewinder, with the Air National Guard. Sidewinder just played at the White House for military families—and U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama, and Vice President's wife Jill Biden. 

The student bands Tuesday performed:

  • Guardians of Liberty
  • Jamaican Holiday
  • Ode to Joy
  • Poco Loco
  • West Boulevard Rock
  • Mystic Journey
  • Dr. Rock

Two more concerts are next week, May 8 and 10, at Parkway Central Middle. They will included the 7th and 8th grade bands (and jazz band) and full orchestra.

The Parkway music program also has choir opportunities.

parkwaydad May 02, 2012 at 06:45 PM
Ms. Whitney, I agree, the Music Program at Central Middle puts out great music. The dedication of the music staff and the students' talent is impressive. However, I hope some of your readers do not mistakenly take your comparative reference to the "storied Music Man band" as an insult. I'm certain you are being complimentary to the whole program and to all the performers. But you see, last week, Central Middle performed the Music Man! And had a Band! And did a fantastic job! The timing of your wording was just unfortunate, though clever.
Jean Whitney May 02, 2012 at 08:00 PM
Yes, that crossed my mind too—so I'll clarify here—the band in the MOVIE Music Man begins to play in squawks and squeaks because they haven't had traditional music lessons before the performance. Life did not imitate art in the Parkway band concerts!


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