Parkway Schools Call to Extend Superintendent Contract 4th Year

The board of education is expected to extend Keith Marty's work contract through June 2015, at Wednesday public board meeting, 7:30pm.

After one year at the helm, Parkway School District Superintendent Keith Marty is expected to have his work contract extended beyond his initial 3-year contract in a consent vote Wednesday night by his bosses—the Parkway board of education.

Board President Beth Feldman is poised to recommend "...that the board of education approve the extension of the Superintendent's employment for an additional one-year period commencing on the 1st day of July 2014 though and including the 30th day of June 2015," according to the meeting's agenda posted on the district website. 

The district's new fiscal year begins July 1. Feldman was re-elected in April to the school board, and assumed the board presidency shortly after that.

, Wisconsin, Menomonee Falls.

Last July, Superintendent Marty had this to say last year about his potential tenure beyond three years in Parkway School District:

"I'd like to stay five years. If health and such allows, maybe more. I think the board was certainly interested in me staying longer than my contract.

"But you know I've got to be conscious of health. And obviously, it's not always my decision. Superintendents sometimes would like to stay longer, but somebody else makes those decisions.

"But where I'm at right now, with the way I feel right now, I'd like to stay five to seven years. We'll see how it goes."

This past year at Parkway saw Marty begin with a newly-designed logo for the district, replacing an old symbol of a lighted torch with an open book, and a new slogan: Higher Expectations. Brighter Futures.

Marty also oversaw pointing to diminished property values and the economy depressing district revenue. The district's annual budget is $221 million.

Click here for a video and summary of Parkway's strategy for the district.

The school board meeting Wednesday begins at 7:30pm in Parkway Central Middle School, just inside the front door.

The vote on Marty's contract extension is on the consent agenda Wednesday, but could be called out by from the mass consent vote, for comments. 

Marty was not reached for comment before the end of the work day Tuesday.

Parkway school district is located in Chesterfield, Missouri.


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