Parkway Performing Test of Emergency Notification System Today

Here's what you can expect the test to entail.

The following information was supplied by the Parkway School District:

The district’s automated notification system's annual test is planned for late afternoon on Friday, Oct. 5. This test is being performed to ensure we have accurate contact information for you in the event of school closures and district cancellations, as well as important school announcements. All of the contact information comes from Infinite Campus, so if you have new phone numbers or email addresses and have not notified your school, be sure to do so as soon as possible.

Here's what will happen on Friday afternoon:

  • A voice message will be sent to all parent phone numbers--home, cell and work.
  • A text message will go to all text-enabled cell numbers. The text will confirm the phone is going to receive future text alerts unless the user wants to opt out.  To opt out, text STOP PARKWAY or QUIT PARKWAY to 23177 or 63079. (NOTE: These will not work until the initial text message has gone out.)
  • Following the test, any new cell phone in Infinite Campus will receive the same introductory text message.
  • To opt in a cell phone to text messaging after the test on Friday, text SUBSCRIBE PARKWAY to 23177 or 63079.

Important Reminders about Automated Phone Calls:

  • For district emergency-type messages, caller ID will display (314) 415-8500, which you can call to hear a recording that describes the message. Emergency calls will be directed to parents' cell and work phone numbers in addition to the home and secondary household home phones.
  • For general school announcements, caller ID will display the school's main telephone number. General messages will be directed to each student's home phone and one cell phone number for the household. If a student has a secondary household home phone, messages will be directed to their primary and secondary households' home phones.
  • To hear messages accurately, one must clearly say "hello" when answering calls.


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