Parkway to Introduce Peanut Butter Alternative in 2013

Sunflower seed-based SunButter will be available in school cafeterias in January.

Peanut allergies can be some of the most severe food allergies, so the Parkway School District is planning to offer students an alternative with a sunflower seed-based substitute next year. 

The school district will begin serving SunButter in January and the item will be featured on salad buffets, snack lines and after-school snacks at the high schools. 

Sunbutter is made from specially roasted sunflower seeds and is free of peanuts, dairy, eggs and gluten, according to information provided by the district. 

The spreadable peanut substitute is also high in protenin, iron, fiber and Vitamin E. For more informaiton, call Parkay's Food Services at (314) 415-8246. 


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