Rockwood Hopes to Add $5M in New Security Features

Improving safety measures has been a renewed emphasis this month throughout the Rockwood School District. This article follows up a previous article regarding whether the district's security "is enough."

In the aftermath of the shooting deaths at Newtown, Conn., Rockwood School District students, parents, teachers and staff returned to school after winter break a few weeks ago with a heightened awareness and interest in safety and security measures. Trying to stay ahead of this important initiative, Rockwood Superintendent Bruce Borchers called a meeting among administrators and principals on Jan. 2, prior to classes starting, to make sure current safety procedures were being enforced properly.

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Borchers said one of things shared by principals at this meeting was many school offices do not have a “line-of-sight” with the front entrance of the school. He said it was suggested the construction of a visitor “check-in” center located right by the front doors would ensure greater visibility to anyone approaching the school entrance. 

Borchers said Picture Rockwood Facilitating Team members were invited to this principal meeting. Those citizens approved moving forward with some safety items as part of the final Picture Rockwood recommendation—which included a bond issue with the following proposed safety projects totaling more than $5 million:

  • Update security cameras

  • Add 200 more security cameras

  • Upgrade public address systems

  • Provide generator back-up for phone systems

  • Install visitor/identification security system

  • Install new locking system for interior classroom doors

  • Update fire sprinkling system to meet code required at time of building renovations

On Jan. 17, Rockwood's Board of Education directors approved placing a $38.4 million no-tax increase bond issue on the April 2 ballot. Click here for more details about the bond issue.

When visiting Rockwood schools while school is in session, how would you rate the level of security measures currently in place?


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