Website on Dogwood Nets Central Middle Students Award

A Missouri Botanical Garden contest charged students with researching and presenting the powerful effects plants have on the world.

Science students at rose to the challenge presented by two science teachers, Susan Wright and Laurie Leary. Two seventh-grade teams created winning entries in the digital category of the Missouri Botanical Garden’s Power of Plants contest.

Student teams researched a plant and designed a presentation of the information they gathered. Presentations could be made using digital media or physical formats such as pamphlets, artwork or models. Students were encouraged to be creative in presenting their findings about the super power of plants and how their plant is helpful to people.

“All challenge science students did a project. It was cool,” said Isabel Mosley, a member of the first place team. Challenge science refers to accelerated science courses at Central Middle.

First place was awarded to Mosley, Gregory Cordover, Cole Edelstein, Laura Maniet and Klarissa Sheffield for their website on the dogwood tree. Honorable mention was given to Michelle Augustine, Vincent Cristiani and Sharanya Kumar for their PowerPoint presentation about the aloe vera plant.

“I love science and experimenting,” said Klarissa Sheffield.  “And this is my first year at Central, so group work was what I needed.”

The students' website detailed the qualities, characterics and uses of the dogwood tree.

“We chose a dogwood tree as our topic because it’s Missouri’s state tree. We had a computer whiz on our team, so we decided to design a website to show our plant research,” said Cole Edelstein, one of the group members. 

“Our team worked well together,” said Greg Cordover, "computer whiz" of the team. “The project was set up so everybody could work on it at the same time. Each of us did a part of the project and it all came together.” 

Wright said the students’ work was impressive. “Each student played a role in creating the website and added their personal touch in the design and presentation of the information,” she said.

The winners were notified in early April and were recognized at an awards ceremony Thursday at the botanical garden. Each first place winner will received a $200 award, honorable mention winners will received $50 and the school will received a $500 award.

The students are thinking about how to spend their riches. Cordover is saving for a new computer. Sheffield, a member of the Muny Kids Theater Group, said voice lessons are on her wish list. Mosley will spend her prize on choir and science field trips. Edelstein, who plays electric guitar, is pondering an iPod or new guitar.

Greg Cordover January 13, 2013 at 02:28 AM
Been a few years, but the domain has changed to thedogwood.tk because co.cc shut down :(


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