Yadi, Want to Move to Chesterfield?

With a 5-year deal, shouldn't the 29-year-old Cardinal put down roots in West County?

With the announcement Thursday that catcher Yadier Molina clinched a $75-million, 5-year contract to play ball with the St. Louis Cardinals—maybe he should move to Chesterfield.

We all remember when he and his wife had the first baby girl.

The City of Chesterfield also , a pretty , a , , , nice houses, privacy, —and easy access to Highway 40/64 that heads right into St. Louis and the ballpark.

But don't hitch a ride home with two-time DUI Cardinal announcer Dan McLaughlin, who lives next door in Town and Country.

, to spend that handsome paycheck of $15 million a year.

It just seems that Chesterfield could use a young celebrity with a nice family—to bump into occasionally or seen dropping off kids at school, pre-school,

Or what about when the city or a school wants to give out an award, or recognize someone—Yadier Molina and the St. Louis Cardinals both have a nice ring.

And I doubt very many would object to a restaurant in town named "Yadi's." Or maybe a fitness club. We could use the jobs, the economy being what it is. 

hosts the The Albert Pujols Wellness Center, so if Molina misses his former first-baseman in the coming seasons, he might stop in now-and-then to reminisce.

Just wanted to congratulate Chesterfield Cardinals fans and Mr. Molina. The contract starts in 2013. There is a no-trade clause, officials said.


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