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I am a Maximized Living doctor. My goal in life is to change the health of our community, city, state, country, and world so that people can live to their God given potential. Maximized Living is a health care delivery system based on the 5 essentials of healing. Those 5 essentials are: 1) Max Mind - creating a healthy mindset and eliminating "stinkin' thinkin'" 2) Max Nerve Supply - restoring proper nerve supply to the body through corrective based chiropractic care 3) Max Quality Nutrition - Eliminating processed, chemical laden, man-made food and increasing consumption of the foods God designed us to eat 4) Max Oxygen Consumption & Lean Muscle - A hormone based exercise program that can be done at home in as little as 12 minutes per week 5) Minimized Toxins - they are everywhere from our food supply, to our water supply, to household cleaners and personal care products and they make us sick. As Maximized Living doctors, we change the way people view and manage their health from the INSIDE OUT. We teach people about the power inside of you that prevents your body from getting sick, heals you if you do get sick, and gets you well and keeps you well for the rest of your life. We turn that power on!
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Dr. Nick Barnes is a Maximized Living Doctor who has a mission to change the wayMore people view and manage their health in order to prevent and reverse sickness and disease.
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